Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Article Writing

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Article Writing

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Article Writing

An article writing is written to help people to give any information. Articles can be written in various magazines, newspapers, and media houses’ publishing houses. Writing an article requires a lot of effort. It requires a lot of research and factual data. The idea behind article writing is to create awareness among people and change the people’s perspectives.

Types of Article Writing

There are various types of article writings. Some are magazine articles, SEO article writing, online article writing, freelance article writing. SEO article writing is very much popular these days. It has gained huge demand for this new generation.

Steps to write an Article Writing

An article is merely around 1000 words, and a reader spends 4-5 minutes to read an article, but the preparation of an article takes a lot of time and involves the following steps to write an Article.

Writing is the first and most important step in preparing any document. It’s a foundation or basic construction of the required draft. Afterwards, Once the draft is ready multiple times, Editing is required to ensure that there is no spelling error, grammatical error, punctuation error, etc. After this, Proofreading is required, which comprises three steps: Structural Editing, Language Editing, and Formatting, and at last, when the document is ready, it goes for publication.

However, Copyediting and Proofreading are the major steps to writing an Article, but somewhere they look similar also. People consider both steps to be the same, but they are different. So we will look out the major difference in both steps write an Article.

Copy editing 

It is revising written material to avoid Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, Spelling, Capitalization, numerals, hyphenation, incorrect facts. The person who does it is known as Copy Editor. Copy editor makes sure that the manuscript is error-free and all the factual data given is correct. They will go through the manuscript line by line, check it, and focus on the small little things that have been mentioned in an article. In other words, we can say that copy editing is all about making sure a text is clear, readable, and error-free.


It is the last step to check a written document, or we can say that it is performed on the document’s final draft. It includes the formatting of the document. Proofreading is done to correct errors in a final version in a final document. It is the final step in the editing process before a document is finalised to get printed.

Differentiate between Copy editing and Proofreading in Article Writing 


Copy Editing


1. Copy Editing refers to the process of revising a written document to ensure it is grammatical-free and error-free. Proofreading refers to the final checking of written documents which is already edited.
2. A copyeditor ensures that the written text is absolutely complete, and well written A proofreader ensures the quality of the written text before the text goes to publication.
3. It covers the light editing of slight errors in the documents If the document has so many errors at the proofreading stage; then it will be sent back to the editor or writer
4. It focuses on syntax errors, correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors during the process of copyediting It focuses mainly on typographical errors.
5. This type of editing is performed before the layout. This type of editing is performed after layout.


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This article is written by Abha Khanna, intern @ Writers Community. 


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