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Now-a-days freelancer jobs become more famous among the people. Most of the people who are working in different firms or other institutions do freelancer in their remaining time to produce more money by doing work from home online. Students are also doing it to utilize time and earn money from home.

 Meaning of Freelancing Job.

  • A person who works as a writer, designer, web developer, or performer giving his/her services to his /her customer on the basis of per hour, per day, or weekly payment of work basis is known as Freelancing Job.
    But the problem is which types of jobs are available there for freelancers from home.

There are various types of Freelancer jobs which you can do from home and earn money. Some of them are listed below:

1. Freelancer Content writer

Content writing is great for those who love to write and have more creative as a writer in different forms and topics and know writing styles. These include:

  • Writing articles
  • Copy writing for ads and public relations
  • Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Research work and informational products
  • Ghostwriting for book and e-books

It is the most growing section in the field of freelance jobs.

2. Freelancer WEB Developer

As the world is getting more digital based the emergence of this type of freelancer job gets immense boost and need of the various web  developers increased.  If you are already a web developer or programmer then that’s great! You already have all the necessary skills and experience to jump right on board. Also, these people get a little higher pay than other types of freelancer jobs.

3. Freelancer Graphic Designer

This is also rapidly increasing as freelance job. As a Graphic designer you should be Creative and have a good logical thinking with various crafting ideas. If you have no experience in this type then you have very less chances to get work. But importantly pay is on higher side.

4. Excel Sheet Handler or Bookkeeping

This is the traditional accounting type work. Many of the firms and persons didn’t love to handle bookkeeping entries, so they hire these type of people who handle their accounts and maintain books of their work. You can use your skills to handle these type of work and can easily manage. It is the most simple way as a freelancer you get paid.

5. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual assistant Job is dynamic and varies with according to company’s or clients requirement. This work includes administration support, replying to emails, customer support, scheduling meetings for your employer or managing a certain kind of project. And just like freelance writers, it’s easy to get started working as a virtual assistant if you are skilled, quick to learn, and have the basic tools to get working online.

6. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

It is a process of optimizing website in order to rank higher in the search engines as the used keywords in the search engines bar it will show content of your website if it is highly optimized. Google is the search engine used by most of the people. You need to learn tricks and techniques for this and you get this job easily if you learn it. Various information already out there in about this Freelance Job. There’s 4 main areas to SEO that an SEO freelancer should have:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • On-site analysis
  • Link building


Various Platforms Providing Freelance Jobs

There are many platforms who provide these types Freelance Jobs. Some of are listed here:


There Are Many Types of Freelance Jobs to Choose From and Overall it’s pretty clear that there are many types of freelance jobs to choose from. You can choose any type of freelancer jobs you’re fit in from the giving list and start your career as a freelancer.

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