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Cash App Scams, Cash App Flip Scam

The 15 Cash App Scams to Be Aware Of (Update 2022)

Recently, we saw how hackers could use ransomware to cut off the Nation’s gas supply. Unfortunately, similar things happen every day on a smaller scale.

People like you and I are being scammed daily by our vulnerability and trusting nature. But you might be wrong to think that this is possible.

This article outlines the 15 most prevalent Cash App scams you should be aware of. We also provided information about what Block (formerly Square), the parent company, is doing to address it and tips for protecting yourself.

These are the top 15 Cash App scams of 2022.

1. Fake Cash App Customer Support Number
2. Cash App Email and Phishing Scams
3. Cash App Money Flip Scam
4. Cash App Scams on Facebook
5. Cash App Sugar Daddy Scams
6. Cash App Instagram Scams
7. Cash App Clearance fee Scam
8. Cash App Gift card Scam
9. Selling Items (Things that seem too-good to buy)
10. Pet or Puppy Deposit Scam
11. Romance Scam
12. Cash App Bitcoin Investing Scam
13. Fake Social Security payment for (COVID-19)/ Coronavirus Scam on Cash App
14. Twitter and Instagram Campaigns #CashAppFriday or #SuperCashAppFriday
15. Cash App Rental Scams

How to use Cash App safely

Cash App is a safe app that you can use, if you follow the expert advice.

1. Cash App does not offer live phone support. The listed phone number will direct you to the in-app chat to receive help. Cash App is not a phone number to call.
2. Do not Google support numbers for any app. The page at the top may be a scammer.
3. Never share your Cash App pin number or card number with anyone.
4. Cash App to Cash app payments are instant and can’t usually be cancelled. Before you transfer money, make sure that the product is in your possession.
5. Don’t click on any links in email or SMS.
6. Avoid using P2P services such as Cash App to purchase items from strangers.
7. Transfer money only to friends and double-check the username.
8. To make transactions, set up a PIN and fingerprint, enable two-factor authentication, as well as notifications for suspicious behavior.
9. Avoid sweepstakes or giveaways.
10. Never publish your $Cashtag publically.
11. Potential apartment, product, and/or service sounds too good to be true.
12. Don’t let strangers handle your phone. You can help them by dictating the message or typing the number.
13. Report the money to the company. Then, let them return it to you.
14. Always report any suspicious listing, activity or person to the FTC or authorities.
15. You can also stop using Cash App. There are many alternatives .


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