How to handle the pressure of productivity? Here is 3 best ways:

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How to handle the pressure of productivity? Here is 3 best ways:

How to handle the pressure?

How to handle the pressure: The very first thought which popped into your head after reading the heading would be, “productivity is good, then why this heading looks over it as pressure?”

You are correct! Being productive is good.

But when it dominates your thought process, your health, your space, it becomes pressure.

And pressure slowly turns into stress, anxiety and then affects your mental health gradually.

It is good that you enjoy utilizing every second of your life and feel that you should create some value from every moment of your life.

You keep yourself engaged, looking for ideas and plans. This is not at all wrong.

But the moment you compare yourself with someone else, say an entrepreneur of your age or less, who has built a start-up of his own and is managing people successfully. That moment you lose yourself by comparing yourself with him, and that’s where your productivity becomes a pressure.
And under this pressure, you forget that everybody takes their own time. Everyone has different capabilities.
You keep focusing on that point that a person your age has achieved this much, and you are still lagging. You doubt your potential, and this ultimately hampers your productivity.🤯

And that worsens the situation, and you lose your temper and start blaming yourself or destiny.

This is not a rare case. This happens with most of us. Now the question arises here is “how to deal with it?”.

Here are some ways through which you can overcome this pressure (How to handle the pressure):

1. Stop comparing yourself with others:

Pressure arises when you compare.

You must have seen or taken part in a race of say 100 meters or more. Did you ever notice that the person running fastest or about to win ever looks at the person running after or beside him?
In most cases, the answer would be No.
Why because? Once you try to look who is near you or can make you lose, you lose faith in yourself, and you think that “I need to run fast, else this person will defeat me,” and you certainly lose.

So never compare yourself with others. Yes, you can surely learn from them if they are better than you. But comparison will make you lose faith in yourself.

2. Have patience:

Your desire to be productive must accompany patience. You need to remember the quote from Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta “you have a right to karma, not to the result or fruit.”
Everything which you deserve will come to you. Don’t lose hope and stay consistent. That’s the key.

3. Believe in your efforts:

Suppose you are honest with your goal and efforts. There is nothing to worry about.
Productivity comes with a combination of your thoughts and efforts.
For instance, if you want to bake a cake, you must put all the ingredients correctly.
But still, you think that this would not be as spongy and tasty as you want, it will turn out spoiled. Why? Just because of your thoughts, which didn’t believe your efforts.

Conclusion (How to handle the pressure):

So, be consistent with your efforts and never give up the thought of productivity because that will lead you to the path of success. And every effort of yours will pay off!

Till then, keep working hard as well as smart. Believe in the power of the Universe, which has a divine timing for everything.
Best of luck!

Disclaimer: It is a guest post written by Palak Gupta, a user of the Writers Community.

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Palak Gupta

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