4 important points to follow while writing quality-based commercial articles

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4 important points to follow while writing quality-based commercial articles

4 important points to follow while writing a quality-based commercial article

Quality-based commercial article: Freelance writing is a broad sector with several opportunities out there. In the advent of the Covid 19 scenario, home-based work and freelancing have eventually arisen. It is not a matter of amazement that the freelance world has grown within the last 2 years and has been upgraded as a huge opportunity for many people. Freelance constitutes many works, but the opportunity for article and blog content writing is in high demand. Whatever articles a freelancer writes is based on a commercial purpose.

Most of the articles get published on websites with the purpose of pre-selling a specific product. So, a creative article is never enough at such a stage until it tempts readers to take a desirable action. Having a flaunting vocabulary and grammatical skills is never enough. There are certain points that a freelance writer must keep in mind while writing a commercial article. We are sharing four important points that should be followed while writing a quality-based commercial article.

4 important points to follow while writing a quality-based commercial article: Write the article professionally:

As already told above, commercial writing requires you to please the readers. Framing the article professionally helps you establish a strong and long-term annexure with the client. It would be best if you treated each article as a medium of getting more opportunities as these are the ones that will brand you in the freelance market.

Writing a quality-based commercial article means you have to follow some important points. First of all, you have to ensure that your article consists of no errors. It should be as accurate as possible. The way you present your content matters a lot. No matter how much your article is well written and has no errors, it must be properly aligned and well represented. For this, use short paragraphs and bullet points in your article. There must be an introduction and a conclusion section in your article. You should write the conclusion part logically and in a smooth flowing way.

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4 important points to follow while writing quality-based commercial articles: Show out your expertise in SEO skills:

Letting the readers reach out to your article is very important. For a freelance writer, the demand for his write-ups is based on the popularity he has gained through all his written stuff. It is only possible when people read your articles.

Make sure your headline is attractive.

For this, there are some norms you should follow while writing an article. Starting with the basics, your headline should be head-turning for the readers. It is the headline that decides whether the readers will read the rest work or not.

Use short paragraphs to frame the article.

Most of the content writing beginners write lengthy paragraphs. This decreases the quality of the content. You totally have to ensure that your article consists of short and properly ordered paragraphs. Short paragraphs make your article look more beautiful and catch the eye of readers.

Follow the norm of sentence length.

The sentence length is something that works as a deciding factor for the ranking of your article. It determines the readability of your article and is as important as any other quality. Try to keep the average sentence length to about 20 words.

Quality-based commercial article; Cross-Check all facts before publishing:

Quality-based commercial article: While writing a professional article, facts should be added to enhance the quality of your content. Also, facts entice the readers to know more about the product. Make sure whatever facts you are adding are valid and up to the mark. Your article or your blog is published on a quality, efficient website. At such a point, inaccurate information or facts regarding anything will put the authority in trouble.
Further, such a mishap will decrease your reputation in the market.

Many content writers out there write volumetric articles putting so many facts into it. However, you should keep in mind that whatever facts you add must be accurate, and your content should look fresh and original. Clients appreciate this kind of work.

Keep a deep idea about Keywords and Keyword Density:

Quality-based commercial article: Writing perfect content is never enough for ranking your article. Technical expertise is needed for getting your article recognized by the people. For this, you must choose the correct keywords and maintain their density in your article.

For an article, keywords are an essential aspect. People enter keywords into a search engine for searching particular information that they’re looking for. Keywords can either be in the form of words or phrases. On whatever topic you are writing the article, make sure you put keywords into it as it plays a significant role in ranking your article on Google or other search engine platform. There are several websites from where you can search keywords for your article.

You should also maintain the density of keywords in your article. The ideal keyword density is around 1-2%. It means the target keyword appears about 5 to 10 times per 600 words. If used accurately, keywords help to attract search engines. It also boasts a page’s visibility on various search engine results pages.


Quality-based commercial article: These are some of the important points that help you write a successful article. Your write-ups won’t get recognized until you cover all the aspects of good writing skills. Being a freelance content writer, one should always follow these steps to get recognized in the freelance industry. There are indeed many opportunities in the freelance sector, but there is huge competition too. In such cases, one should work gradually on enhancing their skills and making the content look more effective.

The Writer of this Article, Shanya Das, is the co-founder of  The Writers Community.

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