Top Mistakes All Freelancers Should Avoid.

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Top Mistakes All Freelancers Should Avoid.

Top Mistakes All Freelancers Should Avoid

Top mistakes all Freelancers should avoid: We are in the era of home-based jobs or work from home. The demand for freelancers is increased in the last two years. The number of freelancers is also increasing day by day. Several posts are posted on social media daily, but one notable thing is that many freelancers didn’t get projects even after multiple responses to multiple clients. Then they post that this group or the freelancing world is not for me; meanwhile, they ignore their way of approaching or their negative points. As per my observation as The Founder of the Writers’ Community, there are many opportunities in the market. Also, the number of freelancers is relatively high, still meager competition in freelancing in the context of Quality of content.

The critical question is why the content freelancing field is still without sufficient freelancers? Why daily we go with recruitment projects? Why did the Freelancers not get projects while too many posts are floating on social media and other platforms? Here are my observations about it; I just suggested that five things used by freelancers are prohibited.

Generalized way to approach clients on a particular post:

Generally, more than twenty freelancers show their interest in a social media post for a single requirement. The notable thing is people directly comment ‘Interested’ without going through the entire post. Even the post is about beyond their expertise they approach for it. The second negative approach is, while it is mentioned that kindly inbox or coordinate on given contact details, candidates comment and leave the post, hoping for a positive reply. Also, they comment on multiple posts of different requirement categories. It creates a candidate impactless, and clients never choose these types of candidates. So, try to avoid this action, change your way if you are doing the same.

Mistakes in Sample and documentation

The Sample is your representative because it defines your work, Quality, efforts, talent and plays a crucial role in your selection. Also, clients need other documents like your CV or Resume. Maximum candidates get a rejection at this stage. Do you know why? The reason is the candidates prepare a single draft to approach a client. They mention all about themselves with 5 to 6 sample links and directly paste it to all clients. But no, all clients have a different requirement that doesn’t suit every post, and while you paste, it’s completely impactless. If the recruiter does not get it up to his need, he will reject your proposal, and no matter how talented you are, you will not get that project. So, prepare the first message according to the post. If the post is about a news writer, don’t describe yourself as a food blogger. Also, try to avoid your mark or unique character and symbol during the interaction. It isn’t very sensible, but candidates think it will attract clients. 

Top mistakes all Freelancers should avoid in Documentation:

When a client asks for a sample, try to submit the top two best links after checking all errors or paste a short document file. Also, after asking the client, you can send a portfolio link. If you submit a document file, you must give a name like Heading of content; also mention it’s a sample task, and last, you can use your name. Try to avoid document name as the untitled document, document, or document 1111. These are avoidable, and they can be a reason for rejection.

Failure in Dedication, Time management, and Manner:

Too many quotes were posted based on time and dedication. Generally, in every resume or CV, people mentioned terms hardworking, laborious, dedicated, submit the project on time, and can work in a challenging environment. Now, these words seem only as an element of CV. People are not following it. If you want to grab a project, you must have to be sincere and dedicated. Every client needs a project on time, but candidates get a demo after five to six approaches and then ignore it with some general excuse.

It would be best if you had to avoid it. Also, if you are already engaged in a particular project, you must inform in initial or don’t opt for new ones before submitting ongoing projects. Also, some candidates get a demo, and after approval or before approval, they leave the project without informing. It is harmful to your impression, and you will not be a consideration for future projects.

Being mannered makes you a primary option. If your language and behavior are good, the client will never want to drop you even if your Quality of work is poor. So, make sure that you are making better relations with clients in professional MannerManner. It will not only be helpful also provides you with a recommendation for future projects. So it’s essential and try to be calmer and more dedicated to work.

Negativity during teamwork (Top mistakes all Freelancers should avoid):

Positivity makes you more delightful and fresh. When a person is working in a team, he must be positive even the conditions are unfavorable. The negative thing during teamwork that should avoid is that some people cannot relate with coworkers. That’s why they try to find errors more than finding error-free work. They waste time in negativity. It is unfair. Generally, in editing or proofreading tasks, people go in a negative zone; you must know these tasks are assigned just because they are incorrect or not up to the mark. So, focus on work, not on negativity. Also, don’t complain about your coworkers repeatedly in front of your team leader or other superiors. Also, during Individual freelancing, don’t regularly comment about different clients to different clients, vice versa about candidates. Always try to spread positivity around you; it makes you more authentic and reliable.


Top mistakes all Freelancers should avoid: Freelancing is now a new option for individuals and brands. It has been newly introduced in developing countries. There is a broader field where one can fit himself very quickly, but the ‘Survival of fittest’ theory is also applicable. You must ensure that you are making yourself the best one and there is no replacement of your Quality, and you will get more chance. The fascinating thing in this field is ‘there is no reservation and opportunity by any source.’ You will only get opportunities through your efforts and talent. So must try a hand in this field and prepare yourself in the way which has mentioned above.

Written by: Ankit Kumar (Ankit Dev Arpan), Founder of The Writers Community.

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Ankit Dev Arpan

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