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Author Since: June 11, 2021

Ankit Dev Arpan is the Founder of the Writers Community. He is an author, writer, youth politician, political analyst, social activist, and visionary personality.



  According to Thomas Hobbes, life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, brutish, nasty and short. A social contract theory arose as a result of Hobbes's imagination. Due to diversification in every aspect of life among individuals, the possibilities of conflicts...

Best Five Amusement Parks in Delhi

Any vacation in your routine life leads to some exciting and fun activities. Especially if you want to do it with your friends and family. Here we are going to tell the best five amusement parks in Delhi. So, if you reside in Delhi and NCR, you must visit these amusement...

Best Five Web Series of 2022: You should must-watch

What will you do if your dining table is full of multiple dishes, and you want to eat the best of them? Similarly, this happens at our entertainment table. As there are various OTT, and further every OTT has various shows. As a viewer, you will be confused about which one should be watched. So here we will tell you t...

What is the pattern of the JNVST Exam 2022?

What is the pattern of the JNVST Exam 2022?

JNVST Exam 2022: The entrance exam for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (JNVST 2022 exam date) is expected to be held on 9th April 2022 for class 9th and (JNVST 2022 exam date class 6) on 30th April 2022 for class 6t...

Click here to know more about Internship Opportunities in India

Internship Opportunities in India: An internship is the best way to get the working experience of any industry. Usually, in college days, students join internship programs to fulfill their credit requirements, while in certain curriculums, internships are an essential part of the assessment and overall grading. Accor...



MILD OMICRON COVID SYMPTOMS: We are in 2022, but the circumstances are looking quite similar to 2020 and 2021, and the Night curfews encircle us, lockdowns and restrictions again. The sound of an ambulance has again started reverberating. The same devastating news started coming again. The condition of the econ...

ACT VS SAT comparison, Difference, Eligibilty and Tips


When it comes to studying abroad, primarily taking admission in the universities of the United States of America, students appear in the two most popular tests that are SAT and ACT. Both of the examinations are accredited and used by the Universities and colleges to select eligible candid...

मैं लेखक नहीं हूँ!

मैं लेखक नहीं हूँ!

सब लिखते हैं, शुद्ध लिखते हैं, सरल लिखते हैं और कई विषयों पर लिखते हैं। लेकिन...