Best Five Web Series of 2022: You should must-watch

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Best Five Web Series of 2022: You should must-watch

What will you do if your dining table is full of multiple dishes, and you want to eat the best of them? Similarly, this happens at our entertainment table. As there are various OTT, and further every OTT has various shows. As a viewer, you will be confused about which one should be watched. So here we will tell you the top five web series of 2022 in Hindi, which you must watch.

1.“Gullak”: Gullak is the most popular web series of SonyLIV. Its creator Shreyansh Pandey combined all emotions of an Indian middle-class family in perfect combination. This show consists of drama, comedy, crisis, and bonds of love. The story revolves around the middle-class Mishra family. This family comprised a husband: Santosh, a wife: Shanti Mishra, and their two sons Anand also known as Annu, who is the younger son, and Aman, who is the elder son. Every day this family faces the struggles of a middle-class family. Family members have different dreams and goals to achieve. Its dialogues, small-town picturization, and character play bind the viewer for the next episode. At many moments you’ll find yourself involved in the characters. Its realistic and original narrative style made this show successful and gained immense viewers. This is one of the best web series of SonyLIV, so go for it and enjoy this show with your family.

2.“Rocket Boys”: Rocket Boys is an Indian Biographical series on SonyLIV. Abhay Pannu is the director of this show. He depicted the crucial period of three decades, 1940-60s, for two amazing people, Dr Homi J. Bhabha and Dr Vikram Sarabhai. Both were the real gems of our country. This series depicted the struggles and efforts of these two legendary physicists, who created an unforgettable history in building their country’s future. This show is one of the best Indian web series of 2022, and we highly recommend it to every parent who should watch this with their kids. These legends made the nation brave, strong, and independent in science and technology.

3.“Panchayat”: Panchayat is one of the most demanding web series of Amazon Prime. The director Deepak Kumar Mishra depicted the essence of rural life in Uttar Pradesh. This story revolves around a young engineering graduate Abhishek Tripathi. Who joined as a secretary in the village Panchayat just for the government job. Although initially, he was not interested in his job and location. The show points to the adventures and struggles of this young engineer, which he found while working in the village bureaucracy. There he faced outdated systems, abnormal villagers, and old practices of the Panchayat. In a few moments, you’ll find the spring of humour and comedy when Abhishek is caught in some absurd situations. So this show has everything to enjoy real struggle, comedy, and drama. Its engaging storyline and the role played by its artists are good enough to connect with more audiences. Panchayat is the most admirable best web series on Amazon Prime.

4.“Human”: Human is a medical thriller web series by Disney+ Hotstar. It portrays the scams of medical departments and pharmaceutical companies. Vipul Amrutalal Shah and Mozez Singh directed this show. They depict the evils and allegations of the pharmaceutical industry and private healthcare units in a very bombastic manner, which makes the profit at the sacrifice of marginal people. This show is aided by excellent performances of its artists, breathtaking cinematography, and an engaging screenplay. This show is one of the best thrillers of Disney+ Hotstar. The story focuses on Gauri Nath, the owner of Multispecialty Hospital Manthan, a neurosurgeon. There are two main culprits in the story Mohan Vaidya and his only son Ashok Vaidya, who run Vayu Pharmaceutical. They tried to repackage the banned drug S93R. For this, they target poor patients for the trials of new drugs. So if you are fond of thrillers, then go for it.

5.“Delhi Crime”: Delhi Crime is the most famous crime drama series on Netflix, written and directed by Richie Mehta. The story is based on actual events and starts with the most horrendous crime of the Nirbhya gang rape case. Initially, the story revolves around the pain and efforts of an investigating officer DCP Vartika Chaturvedi. While investigating the rape case, this story also focuses on social issues like flaws in the criminal justice system of India, gender inequality, and many more. This show was more popular and able to attain an immense viewer because of exceptional performances and how they handled the sensitive subjects of our society. So you have to watch this best web series of Netflix 2022.

Among numerous web series at various OTT, we suggested the top five web series in 2022. These series have variations as per your preference. You have a full-fledged variation of drama, adventure, comedy, and thrillers. Above mentioned series –“Gullak”, “Rocket Boys”, “Panchayat”, “Human”, and “Delhi Crime” – are the best Indian web series of 2022. You must get your best taste from the OTT table and enjoy. 


Ankit Dev Arpan

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