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About “Credfino”

An accountant, a strategist and a marketeer walk into a bar, no that is not the start of a joke but the start of our journey called “Credfino.” Being closely associated the founders of our company saw first-hand the struggles many tax and accounting firm owners faced when it came to growth and scaling their operations. They noticed that many firms were relying on freelancers, segregated support teams to handle key tasks, but the quality of service provided was often lacking. Accounting firm owners were spending more time in their business delivery than on expansion and exploring new opportunities. They realized that many of the tasks performed onsite by staff at these firms could be done just as effectively by remote staffing, freeing up their time and resources onsite and allowing the firm to invest in growth, client engagement and expansion. 

That is when we started with a mission to equip you with a team that can get you results. 

We understand the importance of providing end-to-end services including client management & upselling that go beyond just delivery of services. This means that our clients are not just getting a freelancer/staff to handle a specific task, but a dedicated team who can become an integral part of their business.

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