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EV Home Charger Installation

Whether you are considering buying a new electric vehicle, or just want to save on gas costs, installing an EV home charger can be a smart move. This is because you will be able to charge your vehicle at home rather than at public charging stations. Also, many electric vehicles are eligible for federal tax credits.


EV home charger installation is relatively easy. You can simply install the charger on your garage wall or in your driveway, depending on where you live. However, you should consider the location of the charger before you make your final decision. This is because many homes weren’t built with the increased load that a charger requires. In addition, some building owners don’t allow the installation of charging stations. Depending on your situation, the best route to take is to find an electrician to do the job.


Depending on the charger you choose, the installation process may take several hours. In addition, you may need to have your electrical panel upgraded or replaced. Also, your utility company may need to make some adjustments to supply your new EV home charger. If you don’t have an electrician on hand, you may have to make the arrangements yourself. The cost of this is also a factor, so make sure you check with your utility provider before you start shopping.


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