Her Affinity: Reeva Aggarwal

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Her Affinity: Reeva Aggarwal

Her Affinity

Come to me,
Wild and feral,
With ocean on your lips,
Come to me ubiquitously,
Sit on my lap,
Call me mine,
Come to my breath,
Let us meet our breaths,
I have never been in love before,
Until I saw your face,
I have faith in this love,
My shadow looks for yours,
Will play with your curls and kiss,
Till your cheeks turn pink,
I gaze at those freckles,
Tangling those fingers in mine,
To listen your talks,
Hear your voice,
Be grateful to God,
Whilst caressing my fingers over you,
For making you part of my life,
To fill that void,
Which was missing,
Since I opened my eyes,
I yearn to go back the day,
I saw you first,
To fall again for you,
Fantasize the centennial with you~~


Reeva Aggrawal

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Reeva Aggrawal

Reeva Aggrawal

Author Since: December 21, 2021