Online content writing jobs in India

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Online content writing jobs in India

Are you looking for content writing jobs in India. Here i am presenting six top most demanding skills through which you can build your career. and get hired as a freelancer in any top most freelancing companies so let’s see those top skills-

Here are the following list of those various kind of content writing jobs skills in which you or anyone can make their career as a part time or full time –

·        Blog writing

Blog writing is a technique to describe the factual and authentic information of the incident, Products and issues. Writing on any trending topic or on any incident or on the topic experienced after travelling is coming from long time ago. This was happens on pen and paper and only professionals belonging to big companies could do it but in today’s time everything has been changed and we are digitalizing and every second a new digital platform is emerging. Now this is the time to grab opportunities and start writing content for those emerging companies.

·        Question Creation

If you are good in academic knowledge, Question creation can be your career. Many publisher are seeking question creator as per syllabus of various competitive exams, tests and for textbooks

·        Explanation writing

You cannot solve the every question that you have created or by other, or maybe there is no proper explanation by every problem solver.

So for the sake of understanding of questions for every attempter, a proper explanation of the questions is required. So this is also a great career option to work.

·        Copy Editing

Approx 50% of the blogger or content creator are copying other creator , to make their content based on some general topics so plagiarism becomes the instance for that content.

Copy editing is a technique to reorganize the content of others to make it totally unique and plagiarism free. This has also wide range for making career.

·        Translation

Many of the knowledge and information are just one step away from the farthest people, just because they don’t know other languages except the mother language.

For an instance if you take The Geeta, the wisdom of the knowledge and information was unknown for abroad people just because they didn’t understand the Sanskrit .  By using this translation technique every knowledge is everywhere. Everyone is getting, what they are willing to get. Not only books even movies voices are also being translated for subtitles and voice dubbing. So this career option is boon for job seekers.

·        Review

Nothing is perfect in this world, we can tend toward the perfection but this is a continuous and long process and this perfection comes by review of other.

Review is a kind of comment or feedbacks that we put for products of other that how much, we are satisfied with that . Review may be paid or free.

Many big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Jio put a review section after delivering services. This kind of review are generally in rating or star format and are free But some reviews like Movie review , App review, Content review, Book review and many more are paid in which we all have the opportunities to make our career.

How will you get hired–

The writerscommunity is a platform, which help you to join with these companies. This company has well trained and experienced people who time to time train new fresher job seeker to work. So If you are interested in any of the above field content writing jobs in India to make career as a part time or full time, thewriterscommunity is here to help you



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