How to write a Research Paper, 7 points you must remember

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How to write a Research Paper, 7 points you must remember

How to write a Research Paper?

We all are familiar with the term Research, and we all know its importance. Research work or Research Paper helps you stand out and get deep knowledge on a particular matter. When we go to the dictionary meaning of the term ‘Research,’ it means the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources to establish facts and reach new conclusions. So, in simple terms, “ Creative and Systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of Knowledge is Research, and Proper presentation of that Research is Research Paper.” Research is not only important for those doing their Ph.D. or writing research work. Everyone needs to write any Article or Present anything in front of numerous people because you need to write, speak, and answer confidently.

How to do Good Research?

While writing Research Paper first problem we face is How to do good Research? Here are the few steps you can follow to do good Research:

 1. Break the topic and understand it: The first step is to understand the topic given to you. Writing any Research Paper without understanding any topic is impossible because you will not express your views and think about different aspects. You can break it into pieces and then understand it in parts.

Example: Your topic is Innovation in Agriculture Field for Sustainable Development. Then. It would help if you searched for the word Innovation and then thought about its relation to Agriculture and Sustainable Development in this topic.

 2. Data Collection: After understanding the topic, start collecting the relevant data. You should use relevant sources for it.

Example: If you are researching Population, then Census Reports published by the government can be a relevant source.

 3. Start Thinking from different Perspectives: This is the quality of a good researcher because you cannot write freely until and unless you start from all kinds of perspectives. Therefore while doing research, start getting information from every aspect.

Example: If you are writing on Pollution by use of vehicles, think about the benefits of vehicles, harms, and what measures can be taken to control it. If you think that vehicles are not good for nature because they create pollution, what about human comfort? Start thinking for the proper solution with proper management.

4. Start Making notes of your Collection: While writing any research work, start collecting everything you found relevant because just reading everything is not sufficient to start making notes of it and then use it while making your preparation.

What can be a proper source for any Research Paper?

  1. Books: An important source to get knowledge and it is the most reliable source. You can go to the library and read the book by any famous author on the topic you want to research.
  2. Relevant Website: You can visit relevant websites related to that topic; for example, you are writing on Human Rights, then recommendations from Commissions, Suggestions given in different conventions, etc.

How to write a Research Paper?

After completing research paper writing work and collecting data from relevant sources, you are all ready for writing a Research Paper. A research paper is a collection of all the research and ideas you want to give on that topic. It can be in the following format:

  1. Title of your Research Work in which you are writing.
  2. An Abstract: Short Summary of all your views and what you have presented in the whole paper. It should be around 250 words more then this is not good.
  3.  An Introduction: Brief Introduction of the topic that should not be around 350 words.
  4. Methodology: About the method, you have adopted for research, Your views with comparison to the data collected by you.
  5. Findings and Results: All the research you have completed and the results you got should be here.
  6. Conclusion: Short explanation of the whole part of your research paper and topic can be 300 words.
  7. Reference: What you have written is from which source? You can write the name of the books you referred to and links to websites you followed while researching.

Note: You can write footnotes too for the explanation of words or particular point Report of UDHR 1948 here 1948 can be written in footnotes.

After completing your Research paper, it is important to proofread before submitting it. By this, you can check Spelling errors, Punctuation errors, Grammar errors, Formatting errors, etc.; after reading it 3, 4 times, you are ready to submit it. You can publish it in different journals too. Research Paper is not only important for Masters or Ph.D. enrolled person it is good for everyone who wants to add something in their Resume.

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Written by: Astha Sharma


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