The evening

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The evening


The light behind was fading out into the darkest shadows of the moon, making people realize it’s time to leave their desk unfinished for a sunny day in front of them. And a kid is holding a tiny umbrella with his little fingers and his little boots jumping into a puddle in and out, which brought me a broad smile after many hours of hectic work in my office as a chief executive officer.

It took me back to few years when the delicate petals of a blooming flower made those feathery touches on my hands when I heard music that was louder than my heartbeat, and that’s because of you; you were a single petal that drifted into my life. Those were the days when a person with a broken leg, can only get acclimatized to a wheelchair to explore the depths behind the whispering tale of the mighty world.

Something felt so close to me, something I could not grasp, and there at the end of the frozen road, you were standing mindlessly watching my crumpled broken leg. But it was different; for the first time, someone was smiling at my broken leg instead of showing some fake tears. You entered through the deepest valleys of my never-ending road of love. I don’t want to forget today; I want to remember the time I spent with you today, and what if I say that today is not a single day of the sunset but a decade full of sunrise.

The moment I met her, my life changed. Everything I saw, heard, and felt, all the scenery around me…started to take on color. I wish I could stop that merciless time from tearing us apart, but I guess this is the light of life, but I want to time would just standstill. And then a phone beep brought me back to the evening of my office when I realized it’s too late to ask time to stop because the one who lived inside my heart didn’t exist in this little dusty world. But one day, I will make sure to make her alive through the deep valley of my blooming heart.

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Naren Jyothula

Naren Jyothula

Author Since: August 5, 2021

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